New line central station Fukuda DS 8900

Full HD color LCD display Touch screen operation Up to 32 bedside monitors can be monitored simultaneously 120 trend for all curves and numeric data Different layout configurations for different teams Priority alarms that change the color of the background Cabel or telemetry connection with the bedside monitors HIS and RIS connections

New line patient monitor Fukuda DS 8500

New brand patient monitor with color LCD touch screen display Modular architecture of the parameters Unique operator control interface Modules for: ECG, respiration, saturation, NIBP, Invasive BP, Cardiac output, CO2, O2, anaesthesia agents, spirometry Connection to external devices: Respirators, bi-spectral index monitors, venous saturation monitors etc.

New line patient monitor Fukuda DS 8200

High resolution display with 6 curves Full touch screen operation Parameters: ECG, HR ST analysis Respiration Invasive BP NIBP SpO2 Temperature EtCO2

New line patient monitor Fukuda DS 8100

Color TFT LCD display with 6 curves Touch screen and rotating knob control Parameters: ECG and HR ST-analysis Respiration NIBP Invasive BP SpO2 Temperature EtCO2

New line transport monitor Fukuda DS 8001

Light and comfortable transport patient monitor with powerfull battery Color TFT LCD display with 3 curves Parameters: ECG and heart rate SpO2 NIBP Temperature

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